Gatz Consulting Group LLC

Serving satisfied customers since 2002...with over 65 years of experience

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Centrally located in the mid-west—we’re only a plane ride away!


Gatz Consulting Group is dedicated to evaluating and solving problems with large commercial and high-rise properties. We perform Property Condition Assessments specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire safety and elevator systems. We perform work for Buyers, Sellers, and Building Owners. Gatz Consulting Group has not missed a Customer’s report/project deadline in all of our years of doing business.


Our goal and accomplishment for each project is to be
on-time, thorough, and accurate

Specializing in:


·          High-rise commercial buildings

·          Casinos

·          Resorts

·          Large hotels and conference centers

·          Hospitals and Nursing Homes

·          Electrical and mechanical system troubleshooting

·          Electrical and mechanical system design

·          Energy solutions and recommendations for      retrofits


We offer:


·       Quick response on cost tables for due diligence reports

·       Working with the top firms around the country that perform due diligence as their Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Specialist

·       Working directly with Owners and potential Owners

·       Domestic and international experience

·       $1 million insurance coverage