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Don Gatz--President and Senior Electrical/Mechanical Professional


§          Gatz Consulting Group, Jeffersonville, Indiana , President, June, 2002 to Present

§          Mactec Engineering & Consulting, Inc., (formerly Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.), Senior Electrical/Mechanical Engineer, Louisville, Kentucky , February, 1997 to June, 2002

§          BellSouth, Manager of Building Construction, Planning and Building Operations, Louisville, Kentucky , November,1987 to December, 1996

§          BellSouth, Staff Manager- Electrical/Mechanical Technical Support for Engineering and Operations, Louisville, Kentucky , October, 1982 to November, 1987

§          BellSouth, Construction Engineer - New Buildings and Building Additions, Louisville, Kentucky , May, 1973 to October, 1982
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana   
  • Registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering in California and Hawaii   
  •  Building Owner and Managers Association (BOMA) 
  • Current passport in effect




President, Gatz Consulting Group:  Mr. Gatz is responsible for mechanical and electrical engineering services and design for clients, including performance of Property Condition Assessments, both domestic and international.

Senior Electrical/Mechanical EngineerWhile at Mactec/Law, Mr. Gatz was involved with and responsible for a variety of mechanical and electrical engineering projects and Property Condition Assessments specializing in high-rise buildings, as well as performing project management. He worked nationwide with other Mactec offices providing mechanical/electrical engineering services.

Manager, BellSouthMr. Gatz was responsible for statewide Building Planning and Construction Programs, Client Services, and Building Operations for 500 buildings.  He also worked on a company-wide level for mechanical/electrical technical support, energy conservation and the building seismic retrofit program in Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky for the New Madrid Fault earthquake potential.


Examples of past consulting projects include:

Property Condition Assessments

General note: Because of 10 years as a building engineer early in my BellSouth career, I was responsible for the entire structure’s proper construction. This involved extensive training in roofing, structural systems, paving systems, concrete reinforcing, etc. This allows me to perform entire property condition assessments as noted in my resume for a 40 and 50 story structure.

·       Analyzed the electrical systems for the former 109-story World Trade Center structures in New York City for operability and costs to maintain their operability in February 2001. On September 12, 2001, one day after destruction of the World Trade Center structures in New York City , started mechanical/electrical system damage assessment at high rise structures in close proximity to destroyed buildings.

·       Analyzed the mechanical and electrical systems for a property condition assessment at the 110-story Sears Tower , Chicago, Illinois for current condition and 7-year capital expenditure requirements.

·       Analyzed the mechanical, electrical, firesafety and elevator systems for a property condition assessment of the 100 story John Hancock Building, Chicago, Illinois for current condition and 10-year capital expenditure requirements.

.         Analyzed the mechanical, electrical, firesafety and elevator systems for a property condition assessment for four large casino and hotel complexes in Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada

·       Performed mechanical/electrical portion of property condition assessments on approximately 70 high-rise hotel and office structures throughout the country including major cities in Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Washington, DC .
·       Performed total property condition assessment for 50-story office structure in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

·       Performed total property condition assessment for 40-story office structure with attached mall in Charlotte, North Carolina .

·       Performed total property condition assessments for single and mid-rise office and hotel structures throughout the country.

·       Performed MEP portion of property condition assessment of 1915 vintage, 10-story, 280-room Hotel in Berkeley, California . Client requested an in depth review and electrical system design recommendations in follow-up to initial electrical assessment of very old system wiring and panels throughout hotel.

·       Performed MEP portion of property condition assessments for 9 mid- and high-rise hotels in the Eastern portion of the country and Canada with site work and final reporting completed in a 3-week period.

·       Performed MEP portion of property condition assessment for hotel site consisting of 8 mid-rise structures in Montego Bay, Jamaica .

·       Performed entire property condition assessment of 1890 mid-rise office structure in Louisville, Kentucky .

·       Performed mechanical and electrical portion of property condition assessment for 8 structures comprising hotel complex in Jamaica and 20 structures comprising hotel complex in US Virgin Islands.


Electrical/Mechanical Engineering

·       Performed electrical system design for stand-by power system of high-rise structure and for harmonic mitigating transformers for high rise structure, Louisville, Kentucky .

·       Performed Photovoltaic feasibility study to eliminate utility power requirements for Naval base, San Diego, California .

·       Developed mechanical system design options for mid-rise hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina .

·       Performed punch-list inspection of $5 million Park Service renovation in Fort Smith, Arkansas .

·       Reviewed and certified cell tower electrical installation drawings for accuracy for multiple sites throughout the western portion of the country.

·       Reviewed mechanical contractor bid and document submittals and provided recommendation for best option for new chiller plant installation for high rise building in Detroit, Michigan .

·       Designed and implemented mold mitigation for six-month long project for industrial building in Lexington, Kentucky . Analyzed two high-rise hotel mechanical systems for suggested corrections to reduce excessive mold within structures.

·       Developed control strategies for heating and air conditioning equipment for energy conservation and client comfort, as well as energy conservation strategies on lighting retrofits, mechanical system upgrades, speed drive implementation and building structure enhancements.

·       Prepared report concerning cause of deterioration in hot water return line for mid-rise hotel, Indianapolis, Indiana .



SPEED SCIENTIFIC SCHOOL, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 1973



Alice Gatz--Vice President 

A seasoned, top-rated professional certified in Facility and Real Property Management offering significant background and career distinction.



Gatz Consulting Group, LLC, Jeffersonville, Indiana

§          Vice President (2002-present)

Global Travel International, Jeffersonville, Indiana

§          Independent Travel Agent (2003-present)

BellSouth (AT&T) , Louisville, Kentucky

§          Facility Manager (1988 – 2002)

§          Floor Space Coordinator and Administration (1975-1987)

Pacific Telephone, San Jose, California

§          Administration in Business Services and Motor Vehicles (1971-1975)


·       Perform Property Condition Assessments for commercial properties in preparation for purchase, sale, or refinancing.   Make site visits, prepare reporting, and interface with on-site management and regulatory agencies.

·        Make site visits, prepare reporting, and interface with on-site management and regulatory agencies. Directed all operations functions and expense budgets relative to building services, maintenance, exterior grounds, capital and maintenance construction projects up to $400,000, environmental compliance, and emergency preparedness.

.      Responsible for the Kentucky Headquarters complex, telephone equipment buildings and work center locations targeting customer satisfaction and service reliability.  

.      Provided project management, coordination, inspection, and supervision, as well as direction to contracted labor force.  Served as Property Management client interface for approximately 1200 employees, managing 800,000 square feet in approximately 950 square miles.

.     Represented Kentucky  on a nine-state regional task force to streamline processes, improve mechanized systems, and enhance inter-departmental relations.  As a result, received several letters of commendation and the regional Quality Award in recognition of positive changes.

·        Served as Team Lead for eleven Facility Managers in the major BellSouth Headquarters locations for regional sharing of ideas to increase efficiencies, procedures, and operational methods.

·         Implemented a waste management program to reduce dumpster changes and comply with new laws in the Louisville area and selected  Kentucky locations.  Reduced expenses by $100,000 in the first year.

·         Served as Project Manager in the renovation of the Headquarters complex that involved critical team and client coordination among departments, relocation of hundreds of employees, providing space for additional employees and expanding the central computer resource area.

·       Interfaced with Regional Program Managers and construction crews at the Headquarters facility for major projects running concurrently.  Included fuel tank removal/installation, reroofing, installation of BellSouth signage and satellite systems while managing gas line service installation, recaulking of exterior granite and replacement of concrete parking lot.

·        Coordinated statewide Floor Space reporting activities, mechanized systems projects, AT&T/South Central Bell divestiture related activities, and establishing the Shared Network Facilities Agreements (SNFA) for land, building and towers in  Kentucky , as well as ongoing contract administration.  Supervised clerical staff and provided administrative functions and support for several Kentucky Operations Managers.




.         Certified Independent Travel Agent


.         Certified in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as training for various computer systems, environmental, hazardous materials, fire and life safety, emergency preparedness, management, quality service, customer satisfaction, etc.


.         1996 Certified Real Property Administrator (RPA)
.         1994 Certified Facility Management Administrator (FMA)

SAN JOSE CITY COLLEGE , San Jose, California (1972-1973)